May 29, 2016 in Uncategorized

Booth B5.115

ISS is proud to be at the next AUTOMATICA 2016 in Hall 5 Stand 115. The fair to be held in Monaco will be a great opportunity to present the new version of 3D CPS 2.0, the innovative robot guidance system that allows each system integrator to realize robotized bin picking applications.

The demo cell that will be exposed at our booth highlights how 3D CPS 2.0 allows to avoid complex mechanical feeding systems difficult to reconfigure and to avoid strenuous and repetitive tasks for the operator.

3D CPS 2.0 is a step ahed in the concept of feeding systems! It allows any robotic system to pick parts randomly arranged in a bin granting the maximum flexibility: no format parts or complex modification of the feeders are needed to start with the production of a new part.

You will also appreciate the simplicity of programming: all the informations needed to configure the system and the research parameters is provided to the 3D CPS 2.0 by an easy-to-use software based on a very intuitive interface. It is very important to highlight the fact that the 3D CPS 2.0 is able to automatically generatea free of collisions picking trajectory.

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