ISS - Innovative Security Solutions srl is a Politecnico di Milano spin-off company which operates in the industrial automationsector and produces robot guidance systemsbased on 3D vision systems.

The spin-off companies of Politecnico di Milano have been entrusted with the task of transferring the results of research carried out at the University to industrialthe application sectors.

ISS, moreover, actively cooperates with Politecnico, other Universities, applied research institutes and numerous companies in developing several research projects.

One of ISS laboratories is hosted by the Polytechnic University of Milan at the open research centre Campus Point in Lecco and ISS spin-off company collaborates closely with the Industrial Vision laboratory of the Dipartimento di Meccanica VB Lab.

The deep synergy with the scientific research community allows ISS to keep pace with the state-of-the-art of the numerous application fields, thus offering highly technological solutions. The close collaboration with the industrial world ensures instead an accurate understanding of the customer's requirements and needs in terms of reliability and reduction of the time-to-market.

ISS develops its applications with the full involvement of the client, starting from the identification of the client's needs, proceeding with the joint development of the application, and resulting in the installation and training of involved personnel, to resume with ISS commitment to guarantee technical assistance, improvement and confidentiality.

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