RANDOM BIN PICKING refers to an anthropomorphic robot system capable of picking up randomly arranged items from a bin.This system allows avoiding expensive and rigid parts orienting mechanical systems, thus sparing the operator a highly repetitive and physically demanding job task.

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3D Vision spaziospaziospazio

3D CPS integrates a 3D vision system based on laser triangulation and a matrix camera guaranteeing the best performance results in terms of measurement accuracy and insensitivity to environmental illumination conditions.

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Recognition of the parts

3D CPS exploits sophisticated 3D pattern matching algorithms based on a "surface based" approach. The set piece model is then "searched for" within the point cloud, regardless of the colour of the object or the environmental illumination conditions.

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Trajectory generation spaziospaziospazio

3D CPS can select the gripping point of the most suitable part and generate the trajectory allowing the robot to pick each part avoiding any collision with the surrounding environment, the bin and the other parts inside the bin.

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