ISS srl, a spin-off company of the Politecnico di Milano, specialized in robot guide systems, presents 3D CPS 4.0 and 3D CPS 2.0, the only robot guide systems that allow the machine to recognize, choose and take randomly scattered elements in a box.

3D CPS systems use an innovative vision system based on laser triangulation.

The advantages are many:

high measurement accuracy

insensitivity to external sources of artificial light and to the color of objects to be taken

high scanning speed: able to acquire up to 400 fps

high speed in the selection of the gripping coordinates

reliability and stability of performances

The ability to choose makes CPS 3D systems a real revolution in robotics!

Considering the great variety of parts that can be managed, 3D CPS systems are positioned as robot driving leaders in terms of flexibility, ease of use and reliability.

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