3D CPS Configurator application is the program which in just a few simple steps allows the user to configure 3D CPS, instructing the system on the geometry of the pieces inside the bin and on the picking strategies.

Furthermore, the user can produce a virtual reconstruction of the robot's workspace, thus providing the system all the information needed to calculate the trajectories the robot will have to execute in order to reach the parts inside the bin and pick them up without any collision with the environment.

The user is guided step by step through the complete and correct activation process of the system. It is indeed possible to simulate 3D CPS work cycle online in order to assess processing data results and optimise the operating parameters.

The result of the configuration process is a simple recipe file. Depending on the production requirements it will suffice to select the correct file. This is what makes 3D CPS a perfectly configurable and flexible product capable of drastically reducing time and costs of format changeover.

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